Recommend me a usb hub that works.
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    Default Recommend me a usb hub that works.

    Ok so with my ever growing list of gear i need to plug in a few things at once
    but as mac books only have 2 usb ports a hub is needed.

    I bought a berklin one not so long ago but it just wont work with anything be it audio 4/2 x1 xone 1d keyboards etc.. its not putting out enough power
    (and yes it has a power supply)

    so if anyone has one that works and can link me in the uk
    that would be grateful thanks.

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    Im using a D-link hub. It works like a charm
    Also look here:
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    I got a cheap one a while ago, non powered 4 port.
    I find that the only way it works for me is to plug everything in, usually nano pad and nano kontrol 2 and then plug hub into laptop, if I unplug anything or plug it anything they all stop working but if I plug in first and then plug into laptop its not too bad, I dont recommend pluggin in soundcard to a hub though, if all else fails you dont want sound to drop out
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