Set from the Cat's Cradle
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    Default Set from the Cat's Cradle

    The Cat's Cradle is a very prestiges venue that's known nationally for having crazy crowds. They threw an all ages rave in which me a 3 other DJ's played. We sold out selling over 900 tickets. Here's my set, I'd love to hear some reviews on it.

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    Track List:
    Strobe-Deadmau5 (not my set, DJ before me used this)
    Time to Party-DJ LBR ft Fatman Scoop & Nappy Paco
    Dataloss (Darth & Vader Remix)-Freefire
    Needle-Dirtyloud ft. Sirreal
    Electric State (Dirtyloud Remix)-Electric Soulside
    My Love Will Surround You (Dirtyloud Remix)-Dinka
    Less Go! (Porter Robinson Remix)-Spencer & Hill ft. Lil Jon
    Party Rock Anthem (After & Before Remix)-LMFAO
    Unleash The Fucking Dada-Dada Life
    White Noise/Red Meat (Bassjackers Remix)-Dada Life
    Crispy Cake-Electrixx
    Time to Change Part 2-Highbloo
    Funk in the Ganja-Peacetreaty
    Mugwanti (R3hab Remix)-DJ Mujava
    Let the Bass Kick in Miami Bitch-Chuckie & LMFAO
    Oh What a Night (Chuckie Remix)-Claude Kelly & Lil Jon
    Sofi Needs a Ladder-Deadmau5
    Two Days Straight (Soundpusher Remix)-NaPalm
    1-2-3-4-DJ Bam Bam & Alex Peace

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