Arcade button Led Mod Tutorial
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    Default Arcade button Led Mod Tutorial

    I learned how to do led mods from modding arcade sticks I have a diy midi controller project that I'm currently working on the will be using some of the parts listed here.

    I just wanted to help you guys out a bit with the easiest ways I have found to do the arcade button led mods and I will be trying this with a midi fighter some time soon.

    Shout out to Bcondemi who did the first midi fighter led button mod and that got me researching to get this info and share it with you guys


    The best buttons to do leds mods with are seimitsu buttons, rollieelectronic buttons and HAPP IL translucent buttons

    You can also get pre modded lights here http://wp1114205.wp150.webpack.hoste...fied/index.php But I don't recommend it if your in the USA unless you have lots of cash for shipping

    I would like to make special mention of electric ice buttons sold by but they are almost always on back order or sold out.
    Also rollie pearl push buttons glow when led modded the white is awesome and you can view it here on this video

    If you are wondering why the leds on his fight stick are moving its due to a FGWidget which is a led controller for arcade sticks more on this later. But those pearl buttons are cool.

    How to mod each type of button.

    I will start with the Il translucent button first they are the easiest of the bunch to mod.

    First remove the microswitch
    Then push the two tabs in the center of the button together and the plunger will fall out
    Drill a 3mm or 5mm hole in the center of the where the microswitch will go
    Place the led in the hole and use a small amount of hot glue to secure it (you
    can skip this if you want the microswitch will hold it in place as well)
    The next way to this is with a small rgb pad and you can get it from and place it at the base of the button over the hole you drilled
    Bend the wires of the led away from the button and then wire it up

    If you use the rgb pad you have to do your wiring before installing in the button. (always wiring your leds up first will save you time )

    Thats it your done for photos of this mod here is a link showing you how its done

    Here is a video that will show you how to do this mod

    Next the seimitsu buttons or rollies ( the two ways)

    Seimitsu 24mm using 3mm leds

    5mm leds will require some modding and only one can be used two can be used in 30mm buttons

    First remove the plunger of the button by pressing the side clip in and up
    Next remove the microswitch by pressing the tabs in with a small flat head screw driver on the side and pushing the microswitch up ( you can skip this is you have great drilling skills)
    Next on the plunger housing(not the plunger ) drill small holes at the base using a .95mm or 1.0 mm bit.
    Next take the led and wire it up and insert it into the holes
    Replace the microswitch
    Then the plunger ( if it contacts the led use a file or dremmel (for experienced users only) and remove a tiny amount of the plunger side do not hit the tabs to lock the plunger in
    Replace the plunger and admire your work

    In the attached photos you can see where to drill the holes and also how the led will fit inside the button ( the green in the photo is how much of the plunger can be removed be careful not to hit the tabs that hold the plunger in place)

    Also note you can drill holes into the microswitch but I have never done this you can view photos of this here

    30mm seimitsu or rollie 30mm
    Uila S pads(rgb leds) or KnInserts pads are needed

    Take apart the button as mentions above
    Drill the holes exactly like above
    Take the pads and wire them up then place them over the microswitch
    (Note Uila pads need some filing on the tips sometimes to fit the button)
    Reassemble the buttons and your done

    Peep the videos for more assistance

    Somethings to note

    In my opinion it is better to use 30mm seimitsus or rollie buttons for led mods you will have the advantages of increased space, better mounting options and greater led selection.

    Happ buttons are cool and good if you are on a budget but will not give you the feel of the Japanese arcade buttons or the rollie buttons. They also do not last as long and will not take massive amounts of abuse.

    RGB Leds pads require a 5v power source. Uila Flash S pads are only support by Sparky Jr Led controller (will not work with diy midi controllers yet)

    You can find Uila pads and more arcade buttons here

    If you want more info you can PM me I will be glad to help

    Oh yea and research people because the arcade community has done the foot work for you.

    You can meet such persons here

    Hope this helps anyone looking to build something new into a old project or a new one
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    Default LED Controllers

    If you are wondering what a Fgwidget or led controller pcb is then this will help you

    Fgwidget its a arcade stick led controller that connects directly to the gamepad pcb and is pre programmed. It can be programmed but you as well

    It will make leds move in patterns or light up when hit. You have to assemble it yourself by soldering it together

    You can find them here

    Currently there is no way to add this to diy midi controller projects because this uses inputs from the arcade stick pcb ie (jab or high punch etc).

    But I'm sure someone on here can figure it out.

    The next led controller that I'm currently working with can work with diy midi controller projects but will need a separate usb connection (nothing a powered or usb hub can't fix) is the Led Wiz.

    This is a awesome controller because you can use software and make the leds move in patterns or dance to music highlighted in the videos below (amazing I know). This was done by the LEDBlinky software or LuminAudio
    which are tailored to work with the LEDwiz and other controllers (PACdrive and PACLED64)

    You can find them here at

    They can support 32 leds or 6 on each port for a total of 192 up to 500ma

    In the video is also the pacdrive you can find it here and it works with the same software ledblinky and is powered by usb

    This only provides 16 ports up to 500ma

    They also sell the pacled64 which supports up to 64 standard leds
    I'm not to familiar with this controller because I'm have never worked with it like the others but I can tell you the arcade community has info out there on it. It works with ledblinky so it can support diy midi controller projects via a powered usb or it own power source

    The final controller I would like to mention is the sparky jr which you have to order through shoryuken forums. This is just like the fgwidget so I don't know how it will work with midi controller projects

    Again guys the arcade community has laid some ground work in this field and the info is out there I know you guys on here especially the programmers and builders can really use this info in future builds .
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