traktor 2 file tags folders
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    Default traktor 2 file tags folders

    please can some one help me asap

    have taken my music of my laptop and put it on external hard drive but when i load it to traktor it does not have any file tags

    next i have imported my collection tsi file this loads in traktor seperatly shows the tags but when i go to play the mp3 file is missing yet it is still there in traktor seperatly how do i assign this tsi file to my music folder

    many thanks steady

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    When you move your collection/settings you should have copied
    1) Traktor Root Dir (stated in preferences)
    2) All music folder (Stated in preferences)

    Assuming you have copied both of the above to the same & exact folder name in your new computer/hard drive, you should'nt have any problem. Case not, try to run a Check Consistency test.
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    thanks for your response

    1. my playlist are showing up with there tags everythings there until i go to play them

    2. they dont play but if i go in to my track collection and select the track it is there

    3. there is double showing of everything in collection but one plays and the other doesnt the one that doesnt play is the collection (tsi file) ive imported

    4. need to get these tags to main collection again both are showing in the same hard drive

    thanks steady

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