DJM2000 vs Xone DB4 which one is better for me?
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    Default DJM2000 vs Xone DB4 which one is better for me?

    I'm planning to buy a new mixer and I want to invest in a good one. I play deep/tech house and I'm stuck between DJM2000 and Xone DB4. I like DB4 but then I think it might be too complicated and I won't be able to use it to the max. On the other hand I was going to buy DJM2000 but then I saw Xone DB4 . Also the clubs in toronto mostly use pioneer and I think that if i buy DB4 then I'll stick with Xone forever. I use traktor S4 as well. Which one is a better choice?

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    DB4 DB4 DB4. No question. There are worse things that could happen than being stuck with Xone forever And the issue of it being too complicated really isn't correct -- it looks it on first glance and probably takes a long time to learn to use well, but I played with one for an hour or two and found that I could pretty much figure out how to do the things I thought of doing pretty quickly. Honestly I'd say the Pioneer with that touch screen and all those features looks more complicated to me than the DB4. But on sound quality alone I'd go Allen + Heath if I were making up my mind between these two right now.
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