FYI, I'm using the Traktor Pro TSI for the black VCI-100 SE as my basis, here...

I'm not sure if this is the only glitch I'll find with the 1.3 firmware, but when I hit SW23 (Deck A labeled as scratch/juggle), I get two note values: A-2 when I press/hold , and B-7 when I release. SW38 outputs a value of C-8 when I press, and it doesn't change when I release it. I have been modifying my layout to suit my needs, and in doing so, I had to move the sync button up to the scratch/juggle button for each deck (I noticed it wasn't being used anyway in the Traktor Pro TSI), to make way for a proper cue button, which goes where the old sync button was (I've changed play to place a cuepoint and play the song [so I can line the song up to a beat and just start tapping or holding play to prepare a timed release], pause pauses the song while placing a cuepoint [though has the added behaviour of playing when pressed again -- an unfortunate side-effect of Traktor Pro's MIDI simplification), and cue returns the song to the last-placed cuepoint or plays from the cuepoint while held, fitting more along the lines of the behaviour found on the Numark Axis 9 CD player, which is where I'm coming from). Drop still does the same thing: drops a cuepoint, no matter what's happening.

I've set SW23 (both the A-2 and the B-7, else it does nothing for some reason) to sync, hold...and it works quite well, both engaging sync mode and aligning the beats, like sync used to...but better. The problem is that SW38 (C-8) is also set to sync, hold...but it does nothing when I press it. The light turns on and off, but nothing else goes on.

Looking through the original instruction manual does little good, because both of those buttons aren't found in the MIDI Map on page 26.

Are there any other issues like this to be found in the 1.3 firmware, and what do I do about them and/or the problem I'm having now?

Any help would be appreciated. A complete map of the MIDI note values assigned to each button in the 1.3 firmware would be the coolest ever, as it would shorten my control scheme prototyping time a great deal.

Update - I changed hold to toggle, and it works alright: turns sync on or off for that deck...but what's with this hold-note-value and release-note-value for the juggle button on Deck A, while the same button Deck B doesn't reflect the same programmed-in behaviour?

If anything I wrote doesn't make sense, it's because it's almost 1AM my time. Please allow me time to revisit this post and make the necessary clarifications.