modding (nanokontrol) faders?
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    Default modding (nanokontrol) faders?

    Hey there! first post

    I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with modding faders so that they are "looser." I was thinking about buying a nanokontrol, but I hear that the faders have some resistance.

    Alternatively, if you can suggest a controller that has quick faders out of the box I'd be much appreciative!

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    you can replace by better (linear) pots/faders if u wanted to. they're not awesomely smooth on my nanokontrol mk1 but it's not really a biggie - they're not exactly long travel faders anyway

    i've used mine for ableton and for controlling sample decks - and it's fine for that. only thing i'd really want nicer movement for is xfader and main level faders.

    not sure if the mk2 is any better. ive read the icon icontrols has better build quality - much more solid - no clue if the faders are smoother tho.

    i presume something like a faderfox LV3 would give u nicer faders out of the box - different price range and any else is probably higher ofc.
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    Thanks! That icon looks pretty dope, and I've never heard of it before! Might have to pick one up I'm hoping to use faders to modulate parameters expressively, like a crossfader but not for crossfading

    Anyone know about the faders on the bcf2000?

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