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    Couldn't find a decent review of these. They're cheap. They look nice. Anyone know how good they sound? Are they comfortable?

    Right now I'm using a pair of Beats Pros - believe me, not my choice( Just borrowing them from a friend until I could buy my own pair of headphones) - SO can somebody tell me if they are worth it.

    Just wanna know cuz there is a really good deal for $70

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    I bought a pair on the weekend and they are so comfy. great value for money. you wont be dissapointed. great sound, nice bass. Im not much of an audiophile/sound expert so I cant get too technical in my reply. worth every dollar.

    type hdj500 review into google and their are 346.000 results. I flicked through the 1st couple of pages and they are all great reviews.
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    If you are still looking, i'd recommend these. They sound awesome, have great low end response (something like 4hz which is pretty sweet), and are realtively comfortable (not too bulky, sits well on the ears.) I used them at my first gig and was the only one not complaining about not being able to hear their headphones over the booth monitor, so isolation is there too.

    Only complaint is the fall of my head when i take a drink... haha.

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    yea... by now i have them already lol... i love them though!

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    Yeah their awesome I've had them for a few months, I use them to produce since I don't have moniters and I have to say, they are way better than using skullcandies XD My mixdowns sound so much nicer now
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    yea highly recommend them. Ive got a pair now and they are awesome

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