TSP2 help = tempo + DVS
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    Default TSP2 help = tempo + DVS

    Is there a way to raise and lower the tempo through the software (using my X1) while using vinyl?

    I was able to in TSP and it is driving me nuts that I can't still do it. Thinking of going backwards (back to TSP). Or saying F it and going to Serato :eek:

    Please help. I hit the sync button by accident last week at a show and the track was playing 30%+ and it took me like a whole minute to figure out how to get the tempo back to normal (take it out of DVS mode)

    Not cool.

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    Default TSP2 help = tempo + DVS

    Only thing you can do is reset the pitch to 0% currently by hovering over the pitch slider bar in traktor. Changing tempo, however, is not possible when in DVS mode.

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