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    Hey everybody so I think I finally found a suitable way of working with my sample decks. I'll have instrumentals loaded up into the sample decks and then I have acapellas in my main decks so I can scratch them in and easily beat match them with the instrumentals. The problem i'm running into though is that no matter if I set my acapella deck as the master or the Master Tempo as the master, when I first bring in the instrumental it will always try to sync to the acapella's beat grid. This is resulting in really bad mixing, and so far the only solution i've found is to bring in the instrumental's as one shots but that's not convenient since I have to keep retriggering them.

    Any solutions to my predicament. The only thing I can really think of doing is always keeping a track going in one of my spare decks that will just act as a disguised metronome to sync up with, having it turned down and just syncing the acapella in my headphone then bringing in the sample deck instrumentals.

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    Beat gridding your acapellas properly should solve this. Listen to the full tracks and try and grid the acapellas off of it.
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