Mix for Fatboy Slim Competition (Please press play!)
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    Default Mix for Fatboy Slim Competition (Please press play!)

    Okay, so maybe you have heard of that Fatboy Slim mix competition. It's one of those things, where you have to create a 20-30 minutes long mix and unfortunately to qualify for round 2, one has to get 100 plays on soundcloud. (Usually I would never enter such a contest, because it's always the 16 years old, who is worse than me but has lots more friends who vote for him, who wins in the end. But I couldn't resist this time.)

    So I make it short: Here is my entry, please press play. If you listen to it, it would be nice too.

    And in all fairness: Here are my competitors' mixes.

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    listened =D

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    Quote Originally Posted by LXJ View Post
    listened =D
    'twas good

    Good Luck!

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    Thanks again. I also somehow managed to get my 100+ plays, which I didn't expect within less than 24 hours. (Or...at all!) The weekend starts nice!

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    Very nice, great mix. Good luck dude!.

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    Thank you.

    (BTW, putting the tracklist for this mix together drove me almost insane, just because it had to be shorter than 30 minutes. Especially trying to find a good ending was more difficult than expected.)

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