Trying to get the hang of 3/4 deck mixing in traktor
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    Default Trying to get the hang of 3/4 deck mixing in traktor

    I have been trying to get into mixing with more than 2 decks in traktor, using a korg nanopad to switch my VCI-100 to toggle C&D mode, so control isn't really a problem. I can get two loops running pretty well, but am finding the timing to be troublesome (timing of me doing everything, not the phrasing of the songs). Does 4 deck mixing require awesome song memorization, because I feel like I can remember the melody of a song, but finding the snares, fills, basslines in many different songs quickly to build a track is very hard for me atm. I think that my main problem is I will drop from 3/4 down to like 1/2 decks playing because I can't find parts to loop and layer quickly enough, and when I do I feel like I am layering w/e I can grab, vs. 2 deck mixing where I really can consider how things will work together. Is it just lots of practice with 4 decks before you can do it well and really think of song selection, do you guys/girls have any tips on how to make life more easy while mixing 4 decks, ie. pre-cueing parts of a song to quickly find basslines, snares, etc.?

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    you should already have you loop points and cue points set up so its cuts down on the time.

    just before mixing listen to ya tracks and if you hear a good section that you think you should loop do it and save the loop point.
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