Buying second-hand headphones
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    Default Buying second-hand headphones

    Heya. I was just wondering if anyone has experience with buying headphones second hand? I found these HDJ-2Ks fairly cheap second hand, but I'm worried that headphones is one of those things you don't want to pick up used.

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    I've bought 2nd hand headphones, but all audiophile stuff so it was cared for pretty well. I'd need to see gear in person to buy used DJ headphones as they're typically subject to some abuse.

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    I personally wouldnt buy second hand headphones just due to the fact you dont know the strain they've been under and how close they are to just literally shitting themselves.

    Although I can vouch for ATH-M50's which are a shitload cheaper compared to 2000's and personally I couldnt see the difference in use in both home studio and a party of a friends and they have the exact same specs almost apart from max power input.

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