I am trying to figure which Controller to buy out of those, or others..

Gemini CNTRL 7 Looks great, and is 299$, but there are NO customer reviews at all!! anybody have any info/ hands on experience

Numark MixTrack Pro... Seems popular, doesn't look quite as good, but might be a good option to save a little cash and be confident that it is decent..

I just found

Mixvibes U-Mix Control Pro... Looks pretty awesome as well.. But small.. is this unit Too Small.. and Worth the 379$ plus tax .. A few really good Ad's for it, but they have been really well prepared..!!

I was looking at the

Vestax Typhoon before, but although better quality, not as many cue or effects buttons..! and then the better Products jump in Price..

I just sold my first controller out of worry for money, but now Realize I wasn't so bad off.. I didn't really use it.. Denon DN-MC6000...

Is there any good advice out there to help me out..

Thank You a lot!!