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    Default Create Custom Vestax VCI-100 Mapping

    Hey All,

    I am real newb. Only been Dj'ing for a year, but thanks to you all and this site I have alway found work and currently have a weekly gig at very popular bar on my campus (University of Illinois).

    I have been using Ean's 4th release of midi-mapping (Vestax), and I really enjoy it but I feel that it is too advance (if thats really a complaint). I would love to create my own mapping, but know have a clue where to begin.

    Can someone make (or link) a post (or reply to this) where to begin on making a custom Vestax VCI-100 Mapping

    Thanks a lot everyone...

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    Start by "deleting all" on the midi setup and build it from scratch. Start off with the basics. I try to group everything in sections faders>eq>play/pause/cue>sync/loop>jog wheels>browser tree/load a/b/c/d and at the very end I map my fx's being that this takes alot of time and you might go back in forth between tks & tsi made by other user. I would also recommend to save you mapping in series. Mine are VCI-100 v0.1 and after I make a new one I dont over write it, I save it as VCI-100 v0.2 and so on.

    Good Luck
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    Hey Nvidia,

    I've moved your thread into the proper forum. Please read stickies before posting.

    The Controller Mappings is for people to post finished or in progress mappings. Questions regarding how to map, etc belong in general discussion for the time being.

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