Kontrol S2 with vinyls/cdjs?
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    Default Kontrol S2 with vinyls/cdjs?

    I know the Kontrol S2 doesn't come with inputs for turntables or cdjs (like the S4), but is there a work around to make the S2 be used with turntables/cdjs along with Traktor? The reason I ask is because I saw somebody on youtube using turntables with a numark total control and Virtual DJ (i think), and another had an xponent with turntables and (torq).

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    you're gonna need to buy a soundcard like the traktor audio 6 or audio 10 to use youre tables/cdjs with the s2

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    For TT you need an external soundcard, for CDJs if they have a USB port, just plug it in the laptop.

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