Hello, Just recorded a mix live last night, and I enjoyed it so much thought I would post it here. Made with traktor and the s4/launchpad, no sync. Not perfect, but what is live. Hope you enjoy and would love some feedback

Run For Cover-Tipper
Rolling In The Deep-Griz rmx
Lost In Bass-Supervision
Pure Gasoline-SUN:MONX
Learning is Remembering-Tipper
Vision Of Happiness-GriZ
Olympus Egg-Blunt Instrument
Robobooty-Opium Alias n Benson rmx
BlackWater-Doobie Brothers(Love and Light rmx)
Swamp Gate-Nicoluminous
Ride-Ciara&Ludacris(LoBounce rmx)
Sleaze Me VibeSquaD