system crashed! any way to retrieve my grids/cuepoints??
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    Default system crashed! any way to retrieve my grids/cuepoints??

    hey people. so my computer finally took a turn for the worse and to make a long story short, im currently in the process of doing a clean install of the OS (Windows XP). i have all my music backed up on an external hd, as well as all the traktor files. My question to you now, is there any way to retreive my old beatgrids and cue points that i had stored? or am i off to beat gridding my whole library again?

    on the other hand, this may just be my perfect chance to switch to TPRO, since i will have to re-grid and re-cue all my songs once i make the upgrade anyways.

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    If you are using Traktor 3 you need to have the Traktor folder that usually is saved in "My documents". Inside that folder there is another one called "Backup" which has .NML fiiles containing that info.

    You then need to go to traktor and open your music folder and do a relocate to the path were your music collection is. Also if you saved the "settings.XML" file you can use it to restore the rest of your old traktor`s settings

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