Dubstep Mix, Looking for Feedback
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    Hey guys i recorded this mix a few days ago, just using my computer and virtual dj cuz im selling my vestax vci 300 mkII right now. Just gimme some feedback, im just looking to improve, thanks guys!


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    I'm enjoying the first three transitions. I find dubstep to be stupidly hard to beat match, it seems if every other track I buy has a different time. I over come the same way as you by dropping on the one unless for some reason the two songs actually work together or one has a nice intro. I've found using house music as a bridge between dubstep tracks helps me a lot, and might help you in finding the spot to continiously mix better with out needing an intro, or just straight to the drop style mix.
    That said I'm enjoying this a ton as it isn't just straight melt your face bangers, but fun and melodic too.

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