Echoes From The Rabbit Hole (Minimal/Tech/Deep House)
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    Default Echoes From The Rabbit Hole (Minimal/Tech/Deep House)

    first house mix i've put out since 2005 .. ha! got back into it recently and put this together. hope you house heads and mind expanders enjoy

    VS - Pancake Meltdown
    Dark Arx - Argent & Sable
    Braille - A Meaning
    Modeselektor - War Cry
    VS - Look How Vast
    Evren Ulusoy - Fade To Blonde (Paronator Remix)
    Deepchord - Neon And Rain
    Ben Westbeech - Falling (Deetron Acid Remix Dub)
    Felix Kröcher - Plonkt.
    Subsignal - Lilac (Hypertic Remix)
    Deepchord - Stars
    Pacific Blue - Industry Prt.1
    Felix Kröcher - Passt.
    Gerald Peklar - Go On
    Reverse - Endless Journey (Matt Lange Remix)
    Artem Scrip - Virus Detected (Original Mix)
    Felix Kröcher - Sägt.
    Mosca - Bax
    Heartik - Grenadilla (Uto Karem Remix)
    Butch - Ice Cream (Amir Remix)a
    Instra:mental - Waterfalls
    GusGus - Over (Life And Death Remix)
    VS - Tridub
    John Beltran - Gutaris Breeze
    Oliver Schories - Black Rain (David Keno Remix)
    Skudge - Overture (Substance Remix)
    Felix Kröcher - Tanzt.
    Cosmin TRG - Form Over Function
    VS - The Wellwet Season
    John Beltran - Vienna
    Stephane Pompougnac - One By One
    Jurgen Paape - So Weit Wie Noch Nie
    Distal - Boss Of The South (Capracara's South Of Heaven Remix)
    James Talk & Ridney - Sunrise (Original Mix)
    Marco Lys - Go (Original Mix)
    Stereociti - Klass
    Gui Boratto - Flying Practice
    Pacific Blue - Industry Prt.2

    (as you can tell, i really enjoyed the "Save Our Sounds" release from VS .. very very cool stuff if you're into downtempo/ambient) / /
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    I listened to this mix via subsonic streaming on the phone, car speakers and cassette deck. While on a "Night Drive To Lebanon New Hampshire" from Providence, Rhode Island. Half way there, the check engine light came on, which was kinda a bummer because we drove across the country 4000 miles then I drove it 400 miles and the check engine light came on? Anyway, your mix really helped me smooth out the rough edges. Here's my feedback.

    - Your track selection was really good. I don't really like minimal house as a genre but I do like funky minimal stuff like this. It was all really deeeeeep. Your harmonic progression was great. Your phrasing was impeccable. I did rather a lot of driver's seat dancing.

    - I only very rarely heard a few bars of phase drift, but that mostly humanized things, and you corrected them immedately. Levels were solid throughout.

    - I just about creamed my shorts when you played that remix of "Go" by Moby. After a nostalgic day of visiting my old home town, seeing my home town friends and haunts.. driving back north, how did you know that my brother and I bought a copy of the cassette of at 611 in Philly on a road trip when I was 15, and ever since then "Go" and night driving are like acid neutralized coffee and cream? God damn that DJ made my night.

    - In summary, this mix is a keeper. I can't think of the last time, if ever, that I've heard such a good quality 2 hour long mix. I'm going to play it for my gf now.

    Thanks for posting, and keep at it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by djhipnotikk View Post
    first house mix i've put out since 2005 .. ha! got back into it recently and put this together. hope you house heads and mind expanders enjoy
    I saw the thread and thought Ima listen to that mix. I clicked on it and saw it was you and checked to make sure I clicked on the right thread???

    Listening now.
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