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    Default Ean golden s2 / s4 nhl mapping - can someone from djtt comment please?

    Hi Guys,

    I'm hoping someone from DJTT can answer this conclusively as there is a lot of speculation / uncertainty in these forums concerning Ean's S2 / S4 NHL mappings.

    Are they going to only be given away with new S2 purchases from DJTT or will those who purchased their units elsewhere be given the opportunity to download / purchase these mappings?

    Sorry to make this another thread on this, but it's all so bitty.

    DJTT - Your prompt response would be gratefully received
    Oh shit - There goes another set of speakers!:eek:

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    Agree'd.. That was the only reason I purchased from DJ TT

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    Yeah, I'm waiting to see what mappings are going to be available for what controller (s2, s4, or vci-400) before I buy. I'll pay for the mapping, I just don't have the time to figure out mapping (work/school both full time).

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