While mixing for a 10 minutes mix competition (ellaskins's) i encountered a problem. I need your opinion on few secs of this mix.

I had "My name is Skrillex" fading in to "Knife Party - Internet Friends".
Everything was ok, BPM, phasing etc. But here comes the moment when Skrillex's track goes over Knife Party's where "Internet Friends" seems completly off in terms of beatmatch (as if i was matching beat 1 with beat 2 kind of).

The recording will explain it all (it's 1.25mb only and lasts like 15 secs)

Even if it's theorycally O.K., do you think it sounds weird (honestly) ?

My whole mix was good imo, i just feel something's wrong here, for like 5 secs, and i don't know if i'm paranoiac or something.

Thanks in advance for your opinion