Going from Ableton Live to Traktor
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    Default Going from Ableton Live to Traktor

    First things first. I'm a traktor noob, but I have been playing live from a laptop for quite a few years now.

    In my band, my role is to play the beats from the computer and do live stuff like beatmashing, delays and that kind of stuff. I have been doing this in Ableton for years, and have a pretty good setup there, but now I'm looking to traktor for something similar. I want to be dj'ing more than laptopping

    I have got myself stanton scs.1d and a custom Midi Fighter with a crossfader and other dj related stuff so I think I'm set in that department.

    Normally the tracks are split in two parts, one called rhythm/beats and one called samples/misc. There's a band playing on top of this, so this is just the stuff we can't produce live.
    Would it be possible to control/play two decks in sync and at the same in time Traktor or do in need to bounce these two tracks together in one file?

    Alternatively, I could mix the two tracks into a single stereo file (one of the tracks in each side), but would it even be possible to apply effects to only one side in the channel?

    Also I would like to not have to look at the computer screen at all. With the setup I have in mind I would only have to look when switching tracks. The scs.1d have a few small led screens, would it be possible through custom mapping to display track names on there?

    Ok that was a lot of questions, but yeah, as I said I'm a noob so any kind of help or direction would be much obliged.
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    Sorry i can't answer your questions but im curious what kind of music does your band play?

    Do you have any demo i could listen to? im curious to see how your presence creates a unique sound its something i've wanted to experiment myself with

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