Numark Mixtrack Pro DJ Software Controller: ANY GOOD with Serato???
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    Default Numark Mixtrack Pro DJ Software Controller: ANY GOOD with Serato???

    I have a gig this week where the resident dj is using the Numark Mixtrack Pro DJ Software Controller.
    He suggests that I can use this with my Serato instead of bringing my decks. Anyone have any experience with this controller?
    Its not one of the more expensive ones, in fact its kinda inexpensive so I am wondering if its all that functional.
    Any feedback will but much appreciated!

    Dj Big Jay
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    The Mixtrack Pro is functional, but that is dependent on the software. MTP runs cleanly on Tracktor and the newere version of VDJ. There's not a whole lot going around for SSL+MTP except for Dj Intro.

    Numark MixTrackPro can be mapped for midi on SSL, it can't, however, control the platters and the volume, as this would have to be done externally through the mixer. . .

    Additionally, SSL needs the SLbox to operate 2 decks. . .bare minimum.

    There is no mapping available for the MTP from Numark for SSL. Dj Intro will prolly be your best bet. . .but that's fairly new, and you can't midi map (just yet). . . .but you are fairly limited with what you can do if you're used to SSL 2.3.

    BTW, what is this resident Dj using?
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