Shure Cartridge Case
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    Default Shure Cartridge Case

    Do you like yours? I'm getting mixed reviews online. The ones on Amazon are very unfavorable:

    The ones on B&H, of all places, are very favorable:

    Your experience or any other recommendations?

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    I have the one pictured in the amazon page - with all four carts pointing the same direction - had it for over 10 years now and it's been great. Haven't gigged with it a whole lot recently and took reasonable care of it so I can't tell you if it will stand up to being run over by a tractor or whatever, but it has held up great for me, solid piece of heavy duty plastic, it holds my carts in place, it fits any carts I've put in there (never tried Concordes though; just ones with normal headshells), and it has room for a little needle brush and tube of cleaning fluid as well, though make sure the tips are protected if you do that. The people on amazon seem to be complaining about a different unit than the one pictured though so make sure you buy the right one.
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