A note to manufactures of dj equipment from a DJ.
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    Default A note to manufactures of dj equipment from a DJ.

    I own a NS7, a 2 channel mixer a pair direct drive turntables. but every controller that has put out after the Numark NS7 lacks the size needed to dj comfotably. Peoples hands are not shrinking, but the units are for some reason I dont like having to squeeze my fingers in so tight to turn dials and push buttons that my hands literally lock up because of how awkward it is to have to keep them clenched up the whole time to mix because of lack of breathing room for my fingers.
    Secondly, STOP BUILDING PLASTIC TOYS!!! I expect my equipment to be heavy duty, made of some type of metal chassis...meaning it can take a drop and possibly end up with a dent and actually still have all the ''guts'' {circuit boards} of the unit stay more intact, as opposed to having an entirely plastic unit, and having that take a fall and CRACK!!!goes your casing along with the inside stuff that makes it work. Basically if your going to build something... and want to keep making it better as u formulate new innovations to progress the technology. Please...Protect it.
    Djing equipment needs tough to withstand the demands of those who use it hardcore on the daily including the constant traveling and other hazards that come with the territory. And i have many ideas and innovations myself considering the subject. But I am dumbfounded,and a bit angry as to how people want to play on turntables that don't turn. It should be mandatory to have a motor and platters that spin round and round, it gives life to the device as u can see it and the operator working together in motion. I'm sorry...but following lights that go around is not even the same ballpark, and i don't trust that way of playing never have never will & it will never be as precise or easy to see like following the markers i put on vinyl myself. So just add a button to turn platter movement off if u prefer djing on a dull lifeless unit that is basically boring to play on and boring looking that seems the same no matter if it's plugged in or not. I haven't been interested in any products that have been released, and do not plan to purchase any for these reasons. So ante up manufactures because i like djing and equipment but it's no fun if it moves to a point where y'all have lost or forgot the basic building procedure and functionality that makes sense to the people who appreciate the standards that have been set to get to this point, so we can ensure they last just as long as they move on into this newer era of technology that has the same principle no matter what point in time it is. Inspire,dream,dance and have fun with it. I am interested in a research and development position...because those are just simply standards and practices i mentioned. But I got some far out ideas....

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    Thanks for your opinion
    All of us have different ways we dj and like things to be
    Im using an apc40 and it doesnt feel cramped to me since I have tiny ass hands. Full on turntables and mixer make me lost since it's so friggen huge to little ole me.
    CDJs not as much but can get a bit rough though still very doable.

    btw.. Me lights seem much more lively than a platter that spins imho
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    i love those numarks, but i think really the idea behind most controllers is portability... those who want turntables just use those versus a controller unless its a controller made to supplement a turntable...

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    Don't discredit all the manufacturers apart from Numark. Denon has done a damn good job with the DN-S3700s and Stanton made an effort with the SCS1 (though it was unsuccessful). I agree with you that there should be more motorized platter controllers but obviously the market just doesn't have the demand or else the manufacturers would be developing those types of products. Keep an eye out for the DN-SC3900 which is rumored to be the new spinning platter controller from Denon. If the rumors are true it will be a awesome, guaranteed. I run a pair of the DN-S3700s and love them and the sc3900 is rumored to be its successor.

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    To the OP. I agree with every statement in your post. You are damn right. But we live in a world governed by profit margins.

    Imagine how much the pioneer T1 would cost if it was made of metal!? Its already a ripoff!

    You may buy it however because of its sturdy construction. But you are a minority. The profit is in the thousands of new bedroom dj's all wanting an affordable controller.

    The companies dont care if it fails after the year warranty is up, they dont care if you drop it and break it. They have their monies.

    You'll have to excuse my cynical point of view, but I believe there is truth in it. Im sure there will be something out there that suits your needs, probably being made by a small manufacturer devout on top notch quality.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MuzicFreq View Post
    I have tiny ass hands.
    Haha you should have your doctor take a look at your tiny ass-hands, sounds like a serious condition.

    But in all seriousness, I love the all metal parts on turntables, mixers and controllers, it just feels like quality. But at the same time I don't want to haul around 100 pounds of controller/gear. That's why I have a DVS
    . As for knobs getting closer...yes! Spread those knobs out, its too easy to hit things you don't want to when you are hopping around to the tunes.
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    I feel the OP being 6'8 DJ ain't that great if you use a tiny ass controller hehehehe

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    Technology is progressing and some people want gear that is innovative and not just trying to emulate old systems digitally. If you want two technics, a 2 channel mixer, and a serato box in a coffin go out and buy one.

    Personally I am happy to do away with jog wheels altogether on controllers for my style of mixing, if I feel like having fun and going back to vinyl feel I'll hook up timecode but there's absolutely nothing I need jog wheels for with electronic dance music.
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