Well, So after alot of digging (most of the month) and a couple really shitty sounding mixes, i finally did one that sounded alright...Made a playlist of a buncha "spooky/halloween" songs and just went at it

recorded on the fly without a prepared setlist... just a bunch of spooky tracks

Heres the Tracklist i used

Ghostbusters (Extended Mix) - Streetlife DJ's
Undertaker (Original Mix) - Wolfgang Gartner
Brain Rock (Original Mix) - Fukkk Offf
Halloween (Dj Renat Remix) - DJ Antonio
Jack 'O Slasher (Dose Houser Remix) - Reepr
Blair Bitch Project (Original Mix) - Tommy Trash
Believe It (Feat. Nadia Ali) (Original Mix) - Spencer & Hill
Fucking HALLOWEEN (Original Mix) - Stream Dance Project
Collapsed World (Titanoz Remix) - Solar Shock
Space Invaders Are Back! (Patrick G Mix) - Joachim Garraud
Shave It (Original Mix) - Zedd
Zombie Attack (Ultra Bass Remix) - Dubstep Halloween Monsters
Invest On Acid (Dilemn Remix) - The Sonic Deviant
Monster's Revenge (Original Mix) - Figure
Infected (Original Mix) - Chrizz Luvly
Koyote (Alex Mind Remix) - Candyland
Transylvania (Electro Mix) - DVXL
Awake (Freefire Remix) - Le Castle Vania
Wall Of Death (Cyberpunkers Remix) - Make The Girl Dance
ZOMBIES!! (Hot Pink Delorean "Thrillernight" Remix) - Designer Drugs
Halloween Bitch (Original Mix) - Yacek