Did I make the right choice?
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    Default Did I make the right choice?

    Yesterday I ordered a Denon DN mc-6000. I think I made the right decision but I'm not sure. Originally I was in love with the S4 but having tried to purchase it twice(card problems) I decided to spend a little more time to see what else was out there. I Discovered the MC6000 and Xone dx. I was initially really intrigued by the xone dx. I liked the way it looked and I saw some video's of people making awesome mixes with it. I passed on the s4 cuz i'm not going to be doing much scratching or cue juggling and I read that it excels at that. Also, apparently it isnt built to last like the other 2 controllers. I'm kind of regretting not ordering the Allen&Heath controller. The site I wanted to order it from said it was discontinued. I guess i'm just looking for some piece of mind. At this point its too late to go back.

    What does the xone dx do that the mc6000 doesnt? What does the mc6000 do that the xone dx doesnt?

    Another reason why I didn't mind passing on the xone dx when I bought the denon controller was because it was optimized for serato and i heard traktor was better. Now i'm thinking clearly and am realizing that i havent used either so I wouldnt know the difference.

    Can someone calm me down? Please

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    haha no worries man! I know how you feel. So both the DX and MC6k are great units. Each one shines in its own right. I'll fill you in with my researching to help you out a little.

    The main pros to the MC6k over the DX are that it is a standalone mixer (can be used without laptop) and has nice big touch sensitive jog wheels. You'd be using Traktor so you'l enjoy the FX too more than the FX of Itch.

    The main Pros of DX over the MC6k are that it has a phenomenal soundcard and it's more portable. I also have to mention a comforting intangible feeling of owning an A&H product haha.

    Go for MC6k if you prefer Traktor (altho DX is Traktor compatible too) and for DX if you enjoy Itch (MC6k is NOT Itch compatible). I personally started out in Traktor and then fell in love with Itch 2.0. But I'm more about simplicity and found myself not really using Traktor to its full potential. Itch is much more bare essentials and I like that. I can't even handle 4 decks yet, let alone I need to work on my beat-matching.

    You can't go wrong with either unit! I think between these two units you've specified, it really comes down to only a few things (since they're both 4 channel controllers and both of superb build quality):

    1) do you need a standalone mixer?
    2) Do you like Traktor or Itch better? Play with the demos of both and see what you like.
    3) Is portability an issue?

    I think you'll enjoy the MC6k man! Only heard great things. Hope this helped!

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