I haven't really had the time to DJ a lot lately, what with starting third year of uni and working during the weekends. But I put together a little mix on Friday night with some new tracks and some older ones that I found after digging through my old CD wallet.

I'd like to know what people think of it. There are a few little mistakes in there, but I think the track selection is ok?


1) Hurricane (Citizen Kain Remix) - Maverickz
2) Night Attack (Sian's Calpol Remix) - Marco Bailey
3) We Can't Go To Sleep (Minor Dott Remix) - MicRoCheep & Mollo
4) Bad Coffee (Joseph Capriati Remix) - Funk D'Void
5) Mudma (Original Mix) - Seegee
6) The Frog And The Onion (Original Mix) - Seegee
7) Techno Corner (Original Mix) - Julian Jeweil
8) The Elephant (Dustin Zahn Remix) - Pan-Pot & Pascal Mollin