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    Arrow Drum and Bass Minimix

    I Hit the damned play button on the wrong deck when I was bringing in the last track...blah blah blah, I screwed up the mix on Just Hold on...Blah blah blah.... I suck blah blah blah...
    As always no pre planning, 12 tunes in 14 minutes, not true minimixing as the mashup guys do, but here it is

    Hamilton - Echoes -
    Taktix - It's the Way (Serum Remix) -
    Tyke - The Music Makers -
    Decimal Bass & Nu Elementz - Shogun (Majistrate Remix)
    Kabuki Feat. Jenna G - Just Hold On (Serum Remix)
    Q Project - Move On
    Basement Dub - High Contrast
    DJ Marky & S.P.Y. - Riff Raff
    DJ Hazard - Kryme Watch
    Logistics - Jungle Music
    Sub Focus - Stomp
    Delano - Big Bad and Heavy
    My Soundcloud: Bigheadmike

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    Mixing is a lot like farting. If you have to force it, its probably shit!

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    Not too big on that style of jump up, but it blended quite well with the liquid stuff in there. Its hard for me to listen to quickmixes since im used to really playing a whole track out, but it went pretty good here. I may try to do a mix like this myself.

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