New one hour Techfunk DJ set
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    Default New one hour Techfunk DJ set (free download)

    hey there
    pretty cool to discover this forum.. lot of good things around here...
    well i open this thread to let you know that i recently posted a new DJ set upon soundcloud, a mix of new and old tune going from techfunk to house and electro.. with a tiny acid touch lol ...

    This was performed on serato with 2 SL1210's and DJM600 monitored with genelec 1030a...
    sorry lost of synchro around 45 minutes but one of my deck as a f**kin pitch control madness problem sometimes anyway here's the link... hope you'll enjoy

    tracklisting :
    1. Vandal - Loose It
    2. Meat Katie - Bizzar is beautiful (Chevy one remix)
    3. Meat Katie - My little dancing girl
    4. Matt William & Bahar Canca - Creation of your mind
    5. Infusion - Dogtown (D-nox & becker remix)
    6. Jaymo & Andy George - Hold Me Back (Mumbai Science remix)
    7. Shadenfreude - The Road Leads East (Meat Katie remix)
    8. Meat Katie - puncture
    9. Atomic Hooligan - Seven 10 Split (Klaus heavyweight hill remix)
    10. Mike Hulme - Wired
    11. Deadmau5 & Melleefresh- afterhours
    12. Hertz - Funkster
    13. Alloy Mental - God is Green (Meat katie remix)
    14.Afrojack - Pacha Disco on Acid (Dylan Rhymes re-aligned)
    15. Hardfloor - Acperience 2010 (Elite force revamp)
    16. Meat Katie & Elite Force - Divine (Infusion 's Disco in the sky dub)
    17. Meat Katie & Elite Force - Divine (Hardfloor remix)
    18. The Presets - My people (D.I.M remix)
    19. Vandal - Captain Magic (Clean Vox Tech mix)
    21. Deadmau5 - Ghost n Stuff (Elite Force revamp)
    22. Fukkk Off - Rave is King (Le Castle Vania Remix)
    Keep raving the world!
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