Where to find different types of mixes
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    Default Where to find different types of mixes

    Hello all,

    I apologize if this has been asked before but it seems a bit specific. I am looking to find websites or blogs, or anything that posts up mixes of different sorts and updates regularly.

    I am interested in finding mainstream or really popular mixes of Hip-Hop/R&B and Electronic, specifically House and Trance. My main preference is for Electronic but I figure I should start listening to mainstream popular mixes to cop a feel on what would be a good mix for a club in the US as I will venture in doing so soon.

    I know there's like music blogs and websites like soundcloud and beatport but I was interested in finding something that might update regularly specifically just on good mixes of those 2 genres. If any one would suggest some sites for me, I'd much appreciate it


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    this exact thread you have asked your question in is called Mixes & productions. Dig around in here.
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