illstep's "Tear Down T-Stube" live-set (huge gig) dubstep/electro/drum n bass/moombah
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    Default illstep's "Tear Down T-Stube" live-set (huge gig) dubstep/electro/drum n bass/moombah

    had a huge gig on friday (main floor on a 1000+ event) which came out to be amazing. i was playing from 3am-6am. had to transition from a deep- and techhouse set to my stuff so i started off with some of my favorite electro tunes and built up to the dubstep drop. we are talking mixed university crowd so the stuff is pretty mainstream. haters gonna hate the recording ran out after 1:37h because of the disk being full. enjoy, download, share. any input welcome!

    1:37h DJ Set, 21st October 2011
    @ T-Stube / Pferdestall, Hamburg (Germany)

    Electro, Moombah, Big Beat, Dubstep, Drumstep, Drum & Bass (108-190bpm)


    Boy 8bit - Tropical Heat (Original Mix) 127bpm - Electro / Tropical
    Boy 8bit - A City Under Siege (Original Mix) 128bpm - Electro / Tropical
    Heavyfeet - Here We Go Again (Original Mix) 128bpm - House
    Torro Torro - Knocking Boots (Original Mix) 126bpm - Electro
    Foamo - Centavo (Original Mix) 130bpm - Electro / Bashment
    Foamo, Randomer - Back in the Game (Original Mix) 130bpm - Electro / Bashment
    Benga - Little Bits (Original Mix) 140bpm - Dubstep / Bashment
    Major Lazer - Bruk Out (Foamo Remix) 132bpm - Electro / Dancehall
    Rico Tubbs, Calvertron - Body Free (Original Mix) 128bpm - Electro
    Foamo - Jookie (Original Mix) 130bpm - Electro / Tropical
    Dj Fixx, Keith Mackenzie - Lazer Cats (Squatters Remix (DJ Icey Edit)) 130bpm - Dutch House
    Schlachthofbronx - Impler (Original Mix) 140bpm - Bass / Tropical
    Major Lazer - Pon De Floor (Original Mix) 126bpm - Electro / Bashment
    Afrojack - Drive By (Original Mix) 128bpm - Dutch House / Bashment
    Dillon Francis, Diplo - Que Que ft. Maluca (Original Mix) 110bpm - Moombahton
    Datsik - Firepower (Munchi Remix) 108bpm - Moombahton
    Diplo, Skrillex - Amplifire (Original Mix) 109bpm - Moombahcore
    Skrillex - Reptiles Theme (Original Mix) 110bpm - Moombahcore
    Nero - Promises (Skrillex Remix) 140bpm - Dubstep
    Fireworkz - Limb by Limb ft. Bounty Killer (Extended Mix) 140bpm - Dubstep / Grime
    Dead Prez - Bigger than Hip Hop (WTF Full Vocal Remix) 150bpm - Dubstep / Rap
    Die Antwoord - Fish Paste (ill.Gates Remix) 100bpm - Grime / Big Beat
    The Prodigy - Memphis Bells (Original Mix) 144bpm - Big Beat
    Zen Death Squad - Cyber Dojo Lazer Training (Original Mix) 190bpm - Glitch Hop
    Bassnectar - Wildstyle Method (Original Mix) 180bpm - Glitch Hop
    Benny Page - Taking Over (Original Mix) 140bpm - Dubstep
    Terravita - The Beat Goes Down (Original Mix) 174bpm - Drumstep
    Rusko - Everyday (Netsky Remix) 174bpm - Drumstep
    Adele - Hometown Glory (High Contrast Remix) 173bpm - Drum&Bass / Liquid
    Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed (Dexcell Remix) 172bpm - Drum&Bass / Liquid
    Breakage - Fighting Fire (Original Mix) 140bpm - Techno / Big Beat
    Emalkay - Fabrication (Original Mix) 140bpm - Dubstep
    Benga - Acid Lie (Original Mix) 140bpm - Dubstep
    Benga - Smack Your Bitch Up (Original Mix) 140bpm - Dubstep
    The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up (Original Mix) 137bpm - Big Beat
    Blade OST - Blood Rave 137bpm - Hard Techno
    Darude - Sandstorm (Radio Edit) 137bpm - Hard Techno
    Pendulum - Tarantula (Original Mix) 174bpm - Drum & Bass / Ragga
    Sub Focus - Stomp (Original Mix) 174bpm - Drum & Bass
    Spor - Halogen (Original Mix) 172bpm - Drum & Bass
    Nero - Act Like You Know (Original Mix) 174bpm - Drum & Bass
    Nero - Electron (Original Mix) 174bpm - Drum & Bass
    Prolix & Temper D - Doppelganger (Original Mix) 174bpm - Drum & Bass
    Danny Bird - Ill Behaviour ft. I-Kay (Original Mix) 175bpm - Drum & Bass
    Chase & Status - Pieces ft. Plan B (Original Mix) 176bpm - Drum & Bass
    The Prodigy - Take Me To The Hospital (Sub Focus Remix) 174bpm - Drumstep / Drum&Bass
    Skrillex - Scary Monsters (Dirtyphonics Remix) 174bpm - Drumstep / Drum&Bass
    Flux Pavillon - I Can't Stop (Original Mix) 140bpm - Dubstep
    Chase & Status - Blind Faith (Original Mix) 140bpm - Dubstep
    Netsky - Everyday (Original Mix) 174bpm - Drum&Bass / Liquid
    Pendulum - Hold Your Colour (Original Mix) 174bpm - Drum&Bass / Liquid
    Matrix & Futurebound - Universal Truth (Original Mix) 174bpm - Drum & Bass
    "its not designed to impress mozart ffs its meant for ppl to rave out to." - unknown
    LAZERNOIZE Latest Gig Recording (50Min. of Trap+Dubstep)

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    bumpity bump. this came out good - needs way more love, people!
    "its not designed to impress mozart ffs its meant for ppl to rave out to." - unknown
    LAZERNOIZE Latest Gig Recording (50Min. of Trap+Dubstep)

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    Dayum that's the most detailed tracklist I've seen! Had a quick go, liked what I heard. I'll probably DL this for some trips I've got coming up
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