S4 maps well with Serato?
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    Default S4 maps well with Serato?

    Ive always been Native Instruments with all products i use. Komplete 8, the S4, TSP 2, etc. Ive always been wanting to try out Serato and compare the two. Does the S4 have mappings for Serato and are they good? or?

    POLL: Traktor or Serato?

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    I don't see any advantage to mapping the S4 to SSL. Scratch live is intended for use with Turntables or CDJs, and while you could map basic functions to the S4 in midi mode, you wouldn't get anything like the functionality you have in traktor.

    PS please don't even try to start the Traktor vs SSL debate. It's always the same hackneyed old arguments going round in circles, you can find arguments for and against both applications in many threads by searching this forum.
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