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    Anyone else discover things that would help their workflow in traktor? Heres a couple of mine:

    1. Crate/Playlist filters. A little box where you can filter songs of a particular playlist or crate by bpm, key genre.. whatever.

    2.Time to Cue. In addition to the "beats to cue" tab , it would be nice to have a "time to cue" option as well under deck header options.

    3.Customizable Hot Cue markers. In addition to showing a number, a small box where you can edit info to make the markers more recognizable i.e "in", "out" "loop" , or a shorthand tag for cue juggles that might include the word or the first few letters of the word in the phrase, or a "kick" or "snare" label. Being able to asign a color might be nice too. for instance a red "out" tag where you plan to end a mix.

    what things have you thought of that would be a nice feature or tool for traktor?
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    Probably a better idea to 'suggest' features there, as they are monitored by the development team.

    These threads don't really seem to end up with anything tangible...
    ...judging by these

    Regarding your specific points:
    1) you can already search specific fields in specific playlists. Making all fields searchable is an existing feature request
    2) an existing feature request (even though counting in seconds is a poor second to counting in beats imho)
    3) great idea, plenty of similar feature requests though (one by me, several years ago)
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    Quote Originally Posted by lethal_pizzle View Post

    2) an existing feature request (even though counting in seconds is a poor second to counting in beats imho)

    yah i live by the beats to cue.. but a timer would be a great quick reference imo as well.

    i hear ya on it being an old topic, just striking up conversation because i was interested to see what other people have wanted.
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