My First Release! (& free limited time track DL)
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    Default My First Release! (& free limited time track DL)

    those of you who have been around the forum for years (and used to hang out in the production sub-forum when it started) may know that i used to suck some huge ones when it came to making music with a computer. fast forward to now, and not much has changed :P but seriously, i got my first label deal, and will have 4 tracks coming out on major retailers in the coming months. 2 dubstep & 2 dnb tunes, here is a limited time free DL of the title track, "Warriors" (limited to 50)

    i post this here not for promotion, but in the hopes that some of you who have guided me along my path in this quest over the years will enjoy it and i feel they deserve a chance to get it for free for imparting such knowledge on me!

    biggup everyone / /
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    Congratulations dude,

    Although I don't have a clue about Dubstep I like the track and will test it on a party this weekend.
    The middle-part drags a little bit too long for my taste but besides that I like that dirty sound. the new DJ community

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    sick track man! and congrats on the label!! keep those tracks comin!

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    Nice tune, but I missed the free download window...doesn't matter, I'm buying it when it hits the shops...
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