What Artists/Labels are killing it in your genre of choice right now
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    Default What Artists/Labels are killing it in your genre of choice right now

    As the title asks...I figured I'd ask as I have a passing interest in styles other than DnB but don't have the knowledge of whats good out there in most of the other styles With DnB I think that people that aren't really into it know Hospital RAM and Renegade Hardware there's so much more than that I'm sure it's like that with every genre... so I figured I'd ask the best digital Djing community on the web (I said it) what they think... and yeah beatport's recommendations via beatbot are terrible...so here we go

    Soulful Drum and Bass
    - Respect Records, a Russian Label which does more than soulful drum and Bass, some of their artists are Broken Eye (a personal Favorite of mine) Grinda, Sobersoul, and Mr Sizef

    - Textures Music Group, A newer label to Beatport, very silky smooth relaxed liquid that reminds me of hospital before the move to the more dancefloor oriented stuff happened. Some artists are Tidal and Aquision...

    - Liquid Brilliants Records, a great label that I missed, more high energy soulful liquid that doesn't disappoint, massive quality....Majestics, Jebar, Enea and Alexus are some of their artists

    Higher Energy Liquid

    - Bassdrive Tunes, a label that doesn't sell on beatport but has their own digital shop. Excellent Rolling Liquid that is very consistent, Komatic Technicolor Mage and KASIO are some artists.

    there are plenty more but that's what I have off the top of my head
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    I'm really enjoying 1605 for techno. The 1605 Ways To Deal With Christian Cambas release is dope and a good sampling of the artists on the label. http://www.beatport.com/release/1605...-cambas/818733
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    Crosstown Rebels/ Damian Lazarus for me for minimal/tech house/techno.
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    andys ill....local guy just got signed to dim mak records

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    Quote Originally Posted by geminimech View Post
    Crosstown Rebels/ Damian Lazarus for me for minimal/tech house/techno.
    Might as well add all the Circoloco/DC10 acts over the past three or four seasons. They all have been killing it.

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    (For the trance enthusiasts)

    Itunes podcasting available:
    Trance around the World (Above & Beyond)
    International Departures (Myon & Shane 54)
    Marco V's Monthly Top10 (Marco V)
    Global Soundsytem (TyDi)
    Intercity (Lange)
    Tone Diary (Marcus Schossow)
    Gareth Emery Podcast
    Radio 538 Dance Department (Dennis Ruyer) - I love this one when I want some good house/progressive house.

    These should have you covered for the latest and hottest in trance/progressive. Hardwell is amazing too. Avicii's super hot right now too but he keeps talking in his podcasts lol. Armin is amazing as always, I just find it annoying to have to find sites to download ASOT. I wish he was on itunes.

    Gareth Emery's is good too but for some reason his latest podcasts aren't really doing it for me. I don't like how he's been throwing in a lot more electro stuff.

    3-4 podcasts are enough to keep up with for me on a weekly basis!

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    I'm a trance person myself but i do have a strict taste regarding of today's trance music...usually i'm leaning towards techy side of things.

    My must check Labels
    - Discover (Discover Digital/White for the uplifting stuff, highly entertaining, adequate melodies & driving bassline. Discover Dark for the darker & raw sound, emphasis on heavy bassline, simpler melodies & short breakdowns)
    - Night Vision/Spinnin' Records, Borderline records- similar description as above.
    - Crystal Source Records - for my uplifting trance listening fix, everyday music. Usually their releases has nice melodies that could stuck in memory for quite a while.
    - Nukleuz - classic recording label, all time fav. variety of style from the dream dance to epic hard trance style.
    - Vandit & ASOT - for the 'top 40' trance stuff...if needed to.
    - Some of the newer labels like Couture etc..

    Not so interesting nowadays (imo) but worth checking out - Enhanced Recordings, Blue Soho

    Must avoid due to the cheesyness - Armada, Black Hole & any of the top 40 EDM churners out there
    Labels i could care less for - High Contrast, Musical Madness etc...

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    From a DJ point of view not production: Seth troxler 3 times over the summer, every time he was immense, loco dice, magda, russ yallop, Carlo lio, butch all really good sets, sven vath, reboot were pretty poor tbh that's covering house n techno last few months
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