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    Default Please listen to my Groovie House Set mix _Straight Funky!

    Hey fello DJ Guys and Gals! Could I bother you with a request. Could you please listen to my mix and leave me some comments on soundcloud or in this forum. I've been spinning for some time now and I think I have defined my style. Could you listen and let me know how you would define my style. I listen to a lot of music and I think my main influences definitely are clear in my mixes. I been given alot of feed back from friends but I would like to like to hear how the world outside my circle views my style of mixing. Also, I don't get bent on bad comments. I prefer honesty as brutal as it maybe.

    Here my last mix. I will be posting a new one on Tuesday as well.

    Thank you


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    any chance of a tracklisting please mate?
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    Sure, I added the track list to my Soundcloud Description.

    Thx for listening. Please leave me a comment.

    Cheers mate.

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