Traktor, mysterious FR.R. button?
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    Default Traktor, mysterious FR.R. button? + yet another delay trick

    I wanted to comment the current article about the delay in advanced mode in traktor. But as I have stated before, I cant seem to comment on these articles. When I press submit I get a page reload, but no comment of mine appears...

    So here is what I wanted to write:

    Mysterious FR.R. button?

    For some reason and explanation the Delay T3 isn't included in the manual, but the FR.R. button gets explained for the Flanger:

    "In Freerun mode (FR.R) the rate of the Flanger oscillation is not tied to the musical tempo and varies continuously from 30 sec (Min) to 1/30 sec (Max)."

    So I guess something similar happens for the delaytime (but with not as big an interval)

    Some extra explanation:
    When the FR.R. button gets activated the delaytime changes, but not instantly: it gets crossfaded to an other delaytime. So it changes gradually as you can hear.
    The pitch shift can be explained like this: when the delaytime changes the sound recorded by the delay gets resampled to another samplerate, the sound will get played back faster or slower, it gets compressed or expanded in time. This will cause a change in frequency or perceived pitch.

    Btw: the FR.R. button hasn't shown up since version 1.1, it has been there since the first version of traktor pro; it has had another name though, but the same function.
    What IS different is that since Traktor pro 1.1 the delay T3 parameters keep working when the delay is turned off (as they did in good old traktor 3)

    This means you can use it to recreate a Richie Hawtin style delay. See to see him at work using it (at about 5'30'' for an example, must admit, its not so well executed, usually he does a better job (ive heard a lot of sets from him). Between min 8 and 10 are better examples)

    Here is how to do some version of it:
    - set delay off
    - set freeze off
    - set FR.R. on
    - set volume to 50% (doesn't have to be but it works)
    - set filter to 50% (doesn't have to be but works)
    - set feedback to 100%
    - set rate to about 50% or a little less (doesn't have to be but works)
    - now momentarily enable the delay so the delay records some sound (a clap works good). Killing the low eq, or using a highpass filter, and lowering the track volume a little before doing so works great (it is how Richie does it )
    Now you should have an infinite repeating sound coming out of the delay.
    - Play with rate (gently!). And use filter, feedback, or volume to let it fade back out.
    - when it does: raise the volume again and kick the low eq back in

    et voila, a Richie Hawtin style delay effect
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    This sounds very cool, but when you say a Richie Hawtin delay I don't know what you mean, could you include a youtube link or suggest where to hear this delay? Also if you could include your OS, Web Browser, etc. that might help the admins to figure out the comment not working issue. Just as a suggestion I would check your cookies because it may be removing a temporary cookie before it can be processed or something like that, not sure how the comments work, also looking at your PHP or Javascript settings might be worthwhile.
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    That info is in the other post I linked to, I'll repeat it here:
    Win XP 32 SP3
    Firefox and IE
    I have recently removed all coockies and stuff, because the new beatport didnt work well because of it. And after i did it, beatport worked flawless, but still cant comment here though.

    I have include info on where you can see him do it, but cant find a clear youtube example at this time.

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