Hey team, stuck on a controller setting. I am programming my Trigger Finger to use 4 different programs (P13,P14,P15,P16). I could have the entire thing set 4 ways like Mix, Juggle, Search, FX with pads , knobs, and fadders, all doing different things.
The problem is when I switch back and forth between programs, soft takeover doesn't work. So, if Im in P16 using the knobs to work FX, I may put the knobs at zero. Then switch back to P13 for my mix, and the knobs are now assigned to EQ, its jumps when I move the knob.
When I use the mouse on the same program, and move the knob to get it back, soft takeover works properly. Only when I change programs, it doesnt work.

Any one outthere working with this? Had a great idea for it, but without soft takeover working, ive only got 8 knobs and 4 faders, which sinks this idea

tia, -Erik