Macbook Pro issue with Audio 2 and Kontrol X1
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    Default Macbook Pro issue with Audio 2 and Kontrol X1


    I'm having an absolute nightmare getting my new MBP to work with both my Traktor Audio 2 USB soundcard and Kontrol X1. Both have worked periodically but not at the same time, now my laptop refuses to recognize either, even though they are both visible when I look at the system report. The soundcard does not show up in sound options in system preferences. I've updated all drivers, uninstalled reinstalled all my native instruments software and scoured many forums for and followed the advise offered but to no avail. The equipment and software runs perfectly on my old laptop running windows 7. my macbook OS in X Lion 10.7.2, I'm brand new to apple but I'm pretty sure I'm doing everything right. Has anyone else come across a similar issue? I would simply go do a DJ store if i was back home and get help but I'm currently working in Korea in the middle of nowhere and the only place with the support I need is in Seoul (3 hours highspeed train journey away) and even then there will be a language problem most likely.

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated!


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    Exactly the same story here man !
    Well, nearly. I started off like you, both the A2 and the X1 were not recognised by Traktor.
    I got the X1 to work eventually.
    However the A2 stilld doesn't! Did you get it fixed somehow ?
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