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    Default Househipster anno 2011 (Electro/House/Complextro:ish)

    Hey! Decided it was too long ago I recorded something. I decided to put more of my mixes here on the forums to be more disciplined and not fuck around with the effects and strange transitions all too often... :P Didn't work out _that_ well this time... :P Pretty unplanned and a lot of new tracks for me... Please give me your opinion DJTT!

    Zedd - Shave it (original mix)
    Flaxo - Vile Prankster (Ryan Enzed Remix)
    Wolfgan Gartner - The Way it Was (Extended Mix)
    Kamisshake - Dark Beat (Deadmau5 re-edit)
    Chrizz Luvly - One Time (Original Mix)
    Attaque - Moderate (Original Mix)
    Beens - Like Wax (Original Mix)
    John Dahlbäck - Overdose (Original Mix)
    Fukkk Offf - Rave Is King (Le Castle Vania Remix)
    Steve Aoki feat. Rivers Cumo - Earthquakey People (The Sequel) (Original Mix)

    (Edit: Forgot to make the soundcloudincludethingy. And the typo in topic.)
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