Midi Fighter Mods (xtra connections)
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    Default Midi Fighter Mods (xtra connections)


    I just got a Midi Fighter and I'm about to do some mods. I saw in the video for the original that it has the 4 analogue and 4 digital connections on the side, but looking closer at the board I noticed an additional 6 connections to the right of the center (or left of center if you're looking at the bottom, next to where the timeclock-sync LED would connect). What are those connections for? I am assuming the square one is the ground based on the other ground connection.

    Aside from that, the Midi Fighter is awesome and I'm building it into a super Serato Controller with 1 additional row of 4 arcade buttons and 3 analogue knobs up top. I'll keep you posted on the development, but I'm interested in what those other 6 connections do in case I can build something else onto this thing.


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    I'm wondering as well. I had asked if they could add knobs to the beatmasher and they replied no,but that the customer could add one knob, ie one input for like a master volume or something. They don't offer the service any more but I know you can at least add one via tech support.

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