Traktor Sound Problem
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    Default Traktor Sound Problem

    So ive got Traktor Scratch Duo 2 and a pair of Tech 1200's MK2 and a DDM4000. I also use a Kontrol x1.

    Recently ive been having a problem where the song im playing starts to slightly glitch then all of a sudden slow down and become very grainy. It will usually start with one track but the problem usually quickly migrates to both decks. Attached is a soundcloud link of the problem.

    My Traktor Scratch Duo is ver. 2.1.1 and my Audio 6 drivers are ver. 3.0.1

    Im using an HP dv7 with Windows 7 64bit ver 6.1.7
    Intel Core i5 2.4ghz, 4GB Ram

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    Sounds like a cpu problem, I would download the DPC Latency Checker and see if anything spikes in the red, check your latency settings, and keylock settings. Check what else is running on your computer that can be using resources. I would disable the wireless card. It may just be you need to reboot which may mean its time for a new computer.

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    Applies to Mac but sounds like a similar issue
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