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    liffgarden and Karlos, Good points. The way i would spin this from the spotify perspective, is that spotify would be used for bedroom DJ's, and market to them. And Karlos, it wouldn't be NI's headache, as it is not them controlling the licensing, it would be in the hands of spottily, because they are in contact with the record labels and licensing agreements.

    Maybe Spotify should propose a "Spotify Professional Account" that enables software to cache two songs at a time and include licensing to play for an audience for 19.99... I would surely pay it. But heheh, yeah i can already see the record companies frown at this.

    Im not a professional DJ... For the last 2 months my VCI-100 at home has been sitting and dusting just because of the fact that my entire library of new music is in Spotify. And have no energy of finding/purchasing the songs in MP3 formats just for my bedroom and family parties.

    Someone, will make this, but i just want Spotify to be a part of this first, since IMHO it's by far the best, and most mature streaming service out there today. And Karlos,if u have multiple devices u should give spotify premium a try... I'm not even working there but boy has it make my life easier..
    Hey MixiM--

    Pulselocker does this exact thing. Stream 4M tracks (a la spotify), download files locally to your Locker (for offline play with no latency) and buy only the music you want to keep. You can also edit the meta data in Traktor/Serato, and include support for things like cue points, loops, etc.

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    there is a DJ Software / App called djay that has Spotify integration...even Ean talked about it

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