Custom vci 300 with filter + whats your fav effect ??
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    Default Custom vci 300 with filter + whats your fav effect ??

    Ok heres my plan for vci 300 with traktor....bollocks to all the effects except the mostly common used one which is the filter which sits nicely next to eq on the mixer on traktor...hopefully it should be easy to map all the buttons on the vci to do what they say on traktor ( fingers crossed ) the only problem i can see happening is the getting the led"s to work...wish me luck

    Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appriciated..

    also whats your favorite effect ??????????

    checkout the pic for button layout.
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    Maybe I oversee something, but dont u use Monitor Cue on/off. Cant find a button for it

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    The button i replaced was censor/reverse and the pot was trim,monitor cue is pfl a/pfl b
    Im hoping i can live without trim.

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