4 Ways Music Can Benefit Healing and Reduce Pain
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    Default 4 Ways Music Can Benefit Healing and Reduce Pain

    Music can alter a person's heart and breathing rates
    When you listen to music, in addition to the brainwaves getting altered, you heart rate and pulse rate also are affected. Relaxation can be as easy as a listening to a slow piece of music, like the sublime Indian raga feel in the song, Humility, on Sacred Love, and encouraging the body to slow down.
    Certain sound frequencies can dissolve blocks
    Do you remember the commercial of the opera singer shattering a glass with her own voice? In a situation in which the voice of the singer is quite consistent with that of the glass, this happens. This is the same principle behind such ultrasound devices as those that detect things like kidney stones. Kidney stones can be broken up by ultrasound waves and eliminated with urine, providing an alternative to invasive surgical procedures.
    Music has many benefits and uses for personal healing and in the medical world. Integrating music like Shambhu's Sacred Love into a healing regimen can benefit people who suffer from a wide assortment of ailments and conditions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dominic456 View Post
    Certain sound frequencies can dissolve blocks
    Really, cus ive got a wall i want knocking down so i can make my living room twice the size.
    Ive been shouting at it for a while and nothings happened. Where am i going wrong?

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