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    Just wondered if any of you guys could help me out with recoding issue. Basically got touch dvs and just a dog 2 channel mixer with only 1 output thats connected to my stereo input. I recorded a mix yesterday but when listening back could hear all cueing etc. All inputs and ouputs on versaport soundcard are used up with the tc vinyls. My laptop doesn't have a line in only mic in and when tried with y cable from mixer directly into that in Audacity sounded terrible no matter how much played around with settings, since found out that the line out of my mixer is not compatable with mic in on laptop as mic-in is very low level, sensitive and mono so pretty much the exact opposite of my mixer.

    I have another laptop though and a cheap external soundcard that has a line in socket. Was wondering if used a y cable from my stereo out into the line in my usb sc into my other laptop if this would work and if any 1 uses similar setup please. Any help/advise greatly appreciated. Thanks

    This is my other soundcard...

    [ame=""]Asonic External USB 2.0 - 7.1 External 8 Channel USB Sound Card: Computers & Accessories@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]

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    Has any 1 got any ideas please. Been trying all morning with no success. Think going to buy a cheap stereo in sound card like behringer ufo 202 when get payed but really want to record a mix today. Ive been trying with my 2nd lapto to rec. I have the decks and mixer going to input on my stereo then a y cable coming out of the input and the 3.5mm end into line in on the 2nd soundcard. The laptop is running ubuntu and I have audacity installed. Ive opened the sound settings selected the soundcard to record from. Under that it says settings for selected device Analogue stereo input, output or duplex I selected input as coming into the line in. Then on next page brought input level down to about 30.

    Then I opened audacity and under sound output speaker left that as default and next to mic icon changed it to my external soundcard.

    When i press record usually just a flat line or sometimes can see a small waveform as if its picking up sound but then when play it back nothing recorded.

    On youtube and a few online videos i have watched i have seen people plug rec out and sometimes if just one master output plug y cable straight into mic or line in on pc so figured this would be pretty much same thing but hopefully better quality.

    Can any1 please advise where im going wrong. Thanks

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    After trying nearly all day i've now managed to get a half decent recording through audacity. I found Realtek control panel and adjusted the stereo volume and input settings. Ideally would like to run it through the line in on the external soundcard though as i think would be better quality but can't seem to figure it out. At least now can record some mixes though

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    Since you're using ubuntu what do you record using gnome recorder instead of Audacity that's what I use. The only thing is it can only record wav files at 22500hz. I usually record in flac and use sound converter to convert to wav file (since Audacity can't play flac files) and then use audacity to clean up/edit the audio.

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    Thanks for getting back to me. Yea i will give that a try cheers. Got external soundcard to work now through the line in. At first couldn't get it to record in stereo only mono but changed lead and is working fine so got that plugged into same laptop as dj'ing on and seems to be running fine no cpu issues or anything but will try second laptop with ubuntu. Cheers

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