Anyone know this song?
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    Default Anyone know this song?

    I been trying to find a song for the past few days that I have heard in the club a few times... It's pretty much a house beat and it just has a guy talking throughout the whole track .. he says inspirational stuff in the track, I really can't remember what he is saying, but something along the lines of " we will rise up from the ashes ... for a better day a new day, a new beginning" ... I could be completely wrong, but those of the type of things he is saying in the song.... Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by purex like soap View Post
    is it trust me by danny dove?
    ^^ Fills the criteria :P
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    Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately that isn't the song I am looking for .. the guy is more enthusiastic and more of a motivational / inspirational words .. and he also is talking throughout the whole song pretty much. No long breaks like the song you had... It's pretty much a guy talking throughout the whole song over a beat. ( i don't even know if it's house or just a generic beat )

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    shazam it next time
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    iatf = in after the farhanashraf
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    its ibtf! iatf is too easy to get!
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    ^^^ I dunno if those were serious or not ... it's a newer song, maybe within the past year or 2 .....

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