So I have been Djaying for years, I am ready to add a little more to my sets and I have been trying to use a vocoder in my sets. I am right now producing with Ableton and using it on another monitor during my Live Gigs. What I use right now is Kontrol S4 with Traktor Scratch Pro, and Midi Fighter, on another monitor I am using Ableton with Plugins to drop Sounds, wobbles and other sounds clips, I use the Akai MPK25 to control Ableton and cue sounds. I do have Reaktor with Razor and the Mouth, but when I try to use the Vocoder the noise of the Crowd and Music Playing just makes it worthless. I am wondering if anyone has any Ideas on something I could add or change to my setup so that I can use a vocoder and make clean drops. Any help would be awesome!! Just so you know the sound I would like to get is anything in the range that Skrillex uses in some of his trax. In the studio I have that sound but like I said its no good at a Live Show. Thanks for the help!!